Sheep At Stake 1.0.4

Source:Yotam Elor

Can you help the sheep survive their long journey?

Take your multi-tasking abilities to the extreme by helping the sheep survive their long journey.

- Three unique worlds.
- Twenty different levels.
- Three difficulty modes.
- Star based award system: gather stars and win bonuses.

"Officially tested" on Samsung Galaxy S.

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"...when the game involves snowballs and goats, I'm all over it. Find this unique download at..." Phandroid

"Sheep at Stake, a cutesy, colorful game that hides its insane difficulty under a facade of an adorable flock of sheep..." AndroidCentral

"Save the sheep! Save the adorable, fluffy sheep! A fun game with a simple concept, although it does get pretty challenging quickly." familyappreview

"Sheep At Stake is an excellent game despite its varied insane difficulty" TechZek

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:28:31
File size:9.09MB

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